2009 Fronda Fronda, 2009
Medium: found natural detritus materials, paint, paper and metal Dimensions: Fronda (Mexico) 1/5” W x 4.5’L x 5’H Fronda (Canada) 14”W x 4’L x 5’H
The Mexico version was the original Fronda but due to cross border restrictions on natural materials I created the Canadian version at home in Vancouver. Both installation are viewer activated causing the leaves to sway back and forth.

2009 Mandela Mandela, 2009
Medium: found natural materials, Mexico Dimenions: approximately 13” diameter
Ephemeral work held together by woven tension.

2009 Semilla Semilla, 2009
Medium: paper and found palm tree branch, Mexico cast paper merged with tendrils of the palm frond. Dimensions: 1.5’W x 3’L x 4.5’H (lighting included)

2009 San Augustine Suite San Augustine Suite, 2009
Medium: Mexico version: found materials Canadian version: found and commercially available materials. Dimensions: 3”D x 10’L x 1.5’H
Due to cross border restrictions on natural materials the Canadian version is the compensation for the original Mexican installation. The original version is an organic day journal covering 2.5 months travelling the same road between my apartment and studio in San Gusseting, Okla.