1997 Transvisceral Border Series Transvisceral Border Series, 1997
Medium: Mixed, with cultivated fungus, natural latex and found materials incorporates odor, texture and time lapse elements. Dimensions: Varies with each installation/sculpture.
The focus of Transvisceral Borders is the human skin as both barrier and link to the external world. It focuses on the range of human relationships to each other but also to that in the external world. The range of human relationships range from the flaying of human skin to be used in lamp shades and book covers by the Nazis of WWII to the Irezumi subculture of Japan where prized artwork of tattoo artists’ on humans were collected by a special museum in Japan . Our relationship to nature and other species is exemplified in the two works “(H)ears Less, Knows Less” and “Silk Purse”. The purse is made of 7 pig’s ears found in pet food suppliers.