2002 Groundwater Groundwater, 2002
Medium: recycled wood bowl with glass bottom, text and site specific, natural detritus materials. Dimensions: 4.5’dia. x 12’H (including lighting).
Lighting from above projects the word “water” written on the bottom of the bowl. The projected word is positioned below the word “ground” written on the floor. The viewer sets the installation moving so that the word “water” undulates and the dried willow leaves and feathers filter through the willow structure to form a halo around the text on the floor. Odiferous and viewer interactive, this installation is site specific to the NW corner of Trout Lake.

1998Samples from the North West Journal Samples from the North West Journal, 1998
Medium: commercially made rice paper, natural detritus material Dimensions: Opened approximately 8”W x 4”H number of pages vary with each journal.
There are to be 4 installations representing the 4 intermediate regions of Trout Lake in Vancouver, BC. Each installation is to be accompanied by a journal. Groundwater and this journal are for the NW region of the lake. Written over the 4 seasons, the natural materials are found in the NW region. The journal combines observations of the park patrons, the seasons and the wildlife for which Trout Lake is their refuge in the city.

2002 Kelp Form Kelp Form, 2002
Medium: Processed Bull Kelp Strands. Dimensions: 15” dia. x 4.5’ L
Odiferous form is woven on a metal wire armature

2003 Forever Forever, 2003
Medium: wicker, mesh, dried leaves, eel grass, slate and chalk text. Dimensions: 3’L x 1.5’W x 4’H
A time lapse installation in which the slate gradually sinks, disappearing in the bed of dried leaves.