2002 Arboretum Arborescence Arboretum Arborescence, 2002
Medium: Pine Needles, mesh , sawdust and lighting Dimensions: small flues: 3’ dia x 6’ - 8’H center flue: 6’dia x 14’H
The installation consists of 8 smaller flues and one large central flue. The center flue contains a spent hourglass. Odiferous and tactile the passing viewer causes the flues to slowly rotate animating the shadows on the sawdust. Various types of sawdust determine the odor distances from each flue. Cedar being the strongest is the first scent encountered, Fir has the shortest distance. There is an alternate ground configuration using small ceramic plates

2002 Bawdy House Bawdy House, 2002
Medium: mixed media with cultivated fungus, cast natural latex and commercially available materials. Dimensions: 4’Dia. x 7’H
A viewer activated installation that sets the simulated uterus and penis moving. The penile structure casts red powder on the floor. Table cloth is fungus trimmed in rabbit fur. Installation uses a motion detector.

2002 Drift Drift, 2002
Medium: stones and ceramic Dimensions: 3.5’L x 1.5’W x 3.5’(from floor up)
Drift is a viewer activated installation that sends the projected light down through water in the inside moving the boat while casting a projected light strip along the line of coloured stones below.

2002 Flotilla #1 Flotilla #1, 2002
Medium: processed seaweeds, salt and water, vinyl insert Dimensions: 3.5’L x 1.5’W x 4.5’H
This is a viewer activated installation that animates the shadow form on the bed of salt below. Odiferous