2004 The Three Rivers Journey Series The Three Rivers Journey Series, 2004
Medium: commercially available materials combined with site specific natural detritus materials
Dimensions: not including lighting Solace: 2.75’L x 2’W x 4’H Legacy: 2.75’L x 2’W x 4’H Endangered: 3.25’L x 1.5’W x 4’H
These 3 installations are site specific to the Wind River, Yukon Territories. Each installation plays with text juxtaposition choices between solace/serenity, legacy/ heritage, end/angered. Viewer interactivity distorts the one word while the other carved into a rock remains static. At the same time animal prints in the sand are slowly obliterated by human intervention.

2008Bio-degradable Cremation Urns Bio-degradable Cremation Urns, 2008
Medium: paper based products, Japanese organic medium and found materials.

Dimensions: 5 Essences Lg. Urn: 4.25”W x 4.25”L x 13.25”H
Sharing Set: 4.25”W x 4.25”W x 6.25”H
Memento Lg Urn: 4.25”W x 4.25”L x 13.25”H, Sharing Vessel: 4.25”W x 4.25’L x 3.5”H Memorial Lg Urn: 5” Dia. x 11”H, Sharing Vessel: 5” Dia x 6”H Dragon 4.25”W x 16”L x 8.5”H
These cremation urns also function as scattering vessels and each is a one of a kind creation. Water resistant, insect resistant and bio-degradable.

2009 Fronda Fronda, 2009
Medium: found natural detritus materials, paint, paper and metal Dimensions: Fronda (Mexico) 1/5” W x 4.5’L x 5’H Fronda (Canada) 14”W x 4’L x 5’H
The Mexico version was the original Fronda but due to cross border restrictions on natural materials I created the Canadian version at home in Vancouver. Both installation are viewer activated causing the leaves to sway back and forth.