1997 Haida Gwaii Haida Gwaii, 1997

2007 Remember Me When I'm Gone Remember Me When I'm Gone, 2007
Medium: Wicker, unbleached kraft paper coated with Kakishibu Dimensions: 5.5’ L x 2’W x 2’D
Text on one side is “Remember me”, the other side reads “When I’m Gone.” Launched across from the marina in False Creek, Vancouver this boat is a reminder of the plight of the creek that was filled in and used for land development and has become toxic from the presence of several marinas, landfills and over use. The boat was destroyed 2 days later by boys throwing rocks.

2009 3 Fates 3 Fates, 2009
Medium: Site specific detritus natural materials Dimensions 3‘W x 14’L x 8’H
A site specific installation in which each ring represents past present and future. The future being the smallest ring.