2009 Nest Nest, 2009
Medium: ephemeral, detritus natural materials found on site @ El Tinacal Dimensions: 4.5’ Dia. x 4”D
This installation survived for 1 year in the pine forest of El Tinacal, Huasca State, Mexico

2009 Window of time Window of time, 2009
Medium: Found natural detritus materials, site specific Dimensions: 6’ x 5’ x 7’
The window made of saplings and beaver chewed branches travels witnessing the presence of man and animal as they converge in this wilderness area on Crag Lake, Yukon Territories. The performance is directed to Mother Nature and consists of a reading from the Canadian Encyclopedia, volume A-F, of the abbreviated names for sites and animals indigenous to the area. Photographic credits for the winter scene: Cristina Luna and for the performance: Cesar Damian.

2009 Tree Bandaids Tree Bandaids, 2009
Medium: Dried Flower Petals and sugar water.
Dimensions: varied, site specific to the new roadway at El Tinacal.

2009 Snow & Ice Text Snow & Ice Text, 2009
Medium: Snow and Ice Dimensions: vary with location, ephemeral works
The snow texts “HomeGrownHome” and “Uprooted” are site specific to Vancouver BC, Canada. “Remember” and “Re: View” are site specific to Goddard College campus in Vermont, USA. Ephemeral time lapse installations determined by the weather.