2009 Away, A Way Away, A Way, 2009
Medium: Found natural materials Dimensions: 5’W x 12’L x 10’H
This site specific installation was created at the entrance to the forest by Tuktu Studio, Yukon Territories.

2009 Bromiad Windows & Sling Bromiad Windows & Sling, 2009
Medium: selectively harvested bromiads & detritus pine needles Dimensions: Windows: approximately 2.5’W x 4’H Sling: approximately 3’W x 6’H
The windows are site specific to the creek at El Tinacal, Huasca State, Mexico The Sling is site specific to the forest at El Tinacal.

2009 From the Ground Up From the Ground Up, 2009
Medium: Cold pressed Olive Oil and organic ground cover as stencils. Dimension: Variable, site specific to Crag Lake, Yukon Territories.
A time lapse experiment in which on a dry day the images remain clear for a longer period of time. During rain the trunks of the poplar trees become the same colour as the stenciled images.