Haruko Okano. STUDIO WORK 7

2010 I am Dreaming I am Dreaming, 2010
Medium: The red earth of Huasca, found and repurposed materials, paper cast figure and obsidian. Dimensions: 4’W x 7.5’L x 6’H
Inspired by the photo essay on immigrants, created by Cesar Damian. I Am Dreaming is set in motion, traversing back and forth between Mexico (represented by the pile of obsidian) and America (represented by the American flag).

2011 Wonderbred Wonderbred, 2011
Medium: Bread, poetry, spice and commercially available plastic dinnerware. Dimensions: Vary with the available space. This installation is a time lapse piece in which the poetry on the wall dries and so remains static while the plastic wrapped words on the table begin to cultivate mold. Over a period of 3 weeks the words consume the surface of the bread. Generally wherever available, I would use white sandwich bread for the text.