Haruko Okano. STUDIO WORK 2

1992 Come Spring, Journey of a Sansei series Come Spring, Journey of a Sansei series, 1992
Imagery medium is a combination of cast forms, drawing in graphite and coloured pencil and acrylic paint. Dimensions vary as low relief, single and diptych works.The series is divided into the 4 seasons. Come Spring, Journey of a Sansei was published as a chapbook in Canada by Gallerie: Women Artists’ Monographs in 1992.

1993 Banana Split Banana Split, 1993
Medium: wood, photo based collage and text. Dimensions: Closed: each banana: 11.5”L x 1.75”W x 1.5” H
Opened: each banana: 11.5” L x 2”W x 1.5”H A tryptic based on personal family history. Viewer interactive artwork.

1993 Frame of Reference Frame of Reference, 1993
Mixed Medium photo based collage and found object on wood Dimensions: Closed: 11.5” H x 2”D x 5” W Opened fully activated: 11.5” H x 2” D x 10.25”W
A viewer activated artwork requiring the viewer pull the tassel to bring the arm/image into the frame.

1993 The Hands of the Compassionate One The Hands of the Compassionate One, 1993
Acrylic paint on canvas, Closed: 5’W x 9’H Opened: 7’W x 9’H
A transforming mural requiring the viewer to open each of 2 layers. Opening each layer causes a change in the tattooed imagery.